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Book Review: Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi

I'm still reeling. After an hour of reaching the final page of this book, I'm still feeling the remnants of the sensation of being completely blown away. I swear, I've just been sitting here dumbstruck by what I just read. My heart is still palpitating, and my mind has been firmly immersed in Sector 45 for the past hour. Reading "Ignite Me," the heart-stopping finale to Tahereh Mafi's "Shatter Me" trilogy, was like riding a roller coaster while wrestling a boa constrictor...on fire. It was that absurdly thrilling. Ignite me? Heck yeah, it did.

Juliette's been shot in the chest. Anderson, the cold, calculating leader of the Reestablishment, is still alive. And, even worse, Omega Point--and all of her friends, as far as she knows--has been destroyed. But Juliette won't be stopped. Now she knows that she may be the only one who can stop the Reestablishment, even if it means turning to the one person she never thought she could trust: Warner. And as they work together, Juliette will discover that everything she thought she knew--about Warner, her abilities, and even Adam--were wrong.

One of my favourite aspects of the entire "Shatter Me" trilogy is Ms. Mafi's phenomenally evocative writing style. Every single word and phrase and sentence are used with meaning, packing deliberate punches both emotionally and physically to the reader. It's clear that Ms. Mafi is incredibly tuned to her reader's potential reactions, using her writing to play to those emotions and really capture his or her attention in a personal manner. And what's all the more astonishing about this is that all that intense, emotionally-charged writing never, ever feels over the top. In fact, it fuses seamlessly with Juliette's character and the events of the story, and enhances the plot rather than bogs it down. And because I have just fallen completely head over heels in love with the writing and want so desperately for you to understand what I'm blathering on about, I'll give you one of my favourite quotes from the novel:

And we are quotation marks, inverted and upside down, clinging to one another at the end of this life sentence. Trapped by lives we did not choose.
It's time, I think, to break free.

There's nothing overtly fancy about the language, but the images and the language used are so, so powerful, conjuring up the bittersweet, tragic, yet liberating undertone to the story.

The characters of "Ignite Me" are just as equally spectacular, and I guess the best place to start would be with, of course, Juliette. The transformation that she undergoes throughout this final book in the series is done remarkably and realistically, and to see her character develop into a strong, courageous and, above all, self-aware heroine was a thriller in and of itself. And let me tell you, she's one butt-kicking protagonist. What really had me squealing, though, was her relationship with Warner. Call the fire engines. Seriously. The tension between the two was so palpable and so freaking sexy in so many ways, I just wanted to crawl into the book and never come back out. What makes their relationship so real lies in the fact that you don't just get volatile passion, but also unbearably sweet and sincere moments that solidify their intense romance as more than physical attraction. On a side note: if you love Warner just as much as I do, you must read the novella "Destroy Me," which was told from his point of view. That was the moment I fell in love with him. Uh huh. 

Of course, the other characters in "Ignite Me" cannot go unmentioned. Kenji, the flirty smartass who is also Juliette's best friend, was, as always, so lovable. The banter between him and Juliette, as well as his one-liners, lent so much humour to the entire story, balancing out the intensity that permeates the novel. We also see a more vulnerable side to Kenji, one that's hidden behind a jocular, devil-may-care mask, and this is what makes him such a three-dimensional and believable character. Adam, too, is more complex than I thought him to be in the first two books of the trilogy. The change in his character was done very cleverly, and allowed Ms. Mafi to stray away from the cliches and conventions of YA love triangles, which I love, love, love!

And, finally, for the plot. As I mentioned endlessly before, the storyline of "Ignite Me" is so intense and charged that I could not put it down. The tension remains up and running throughout the entire novel, creating a fast pace that had me flipping through the pages in a speed that would make the Road Runner jealous. As the conclusion to the trilogy, the novel also wraps things up in a way that leaves the readers more than satisfied, leaving us with that inexplicable sensation of hope and contentment. One small criticism that I have with the plot, however, is that the climax was a little too short, too easy. The final confrontation with Anderson, the villain of the entire trilogy, ended just a bit too quickly, though this might be because I was reading that rapidly since I was so caught up in everything. Nonetheless, I think if we saw more of Anderson in the novel, it would've given the climax and the ending a lot more oomph, but, other than that, I've no complaints.

Overall, "Ignite Me" is the breathtaking finale to a riveting trilogy, one that is complete with beautifully evocative writing, an amazing cast of characters, intense romance that'll have your heart palpitating, and a fast-paced plot that won't let you go. I highly, highly recommend the "Shatter Me" trilogy to every single reader--it's seriously an adventure you do not want to miss.

Rating: 5/5

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