Thursday, September 20, 2012


I've never really been good with introductions. They usually end up sounding awkward, or the title of my first ever post. I tried, really. So I'll just get right to the juicy, important stuff now!

I'm Yoon-Ji, and I'm a 17-year old bookworm. I am never, ever not in the middle of the book. Once I've read the last page, I give it a couple hours to digest, maybe even overnight, and then it's onto whatever new adventure the next book will bring me! I think I decided to start a book review blog because I'm always reading, and I always end up writing short little reviews on (such a helpful site!), so why not make it somewhat more official? Plus, this way I get to share my favourite books with the rest of you on the Interweb, and I mean, it does look kinda cool.

I'm probably beginning to bore you with all these words, so let me just wrap up my spiel with interesting facts (yay!) about me:

  • I love creative writing too! I've entered short story competitions and even wrote a 50-page historical fiction novella. I think I want to study creative writing or English lit when I head off to college next year.
  • I'm pretty into fitness and health too--I love and I even had my first kickboxing lesson yesterday! It's ridiculously intense and fun, definitely worth giving a go at. Plus I get some self-defense in with exercise, which my mom has been hounding me about before I move halfway around the world to the States and possibly get mugged (or worse!).
  • Oh yeah--and family! My parents are both Korean, and contrary to popular belief, they're not deathly strict! I have a younger sister who's 15-years old, and we have a cute little Maltese puppy called Cupid! He's so adorable. Whenever we get home from school, he'll be waiting at the top of the stairs wagging his tail. Sometimes he gets too excited that he loses control of his bladder. Yup.
  • I'm also a secret romantic, as all teenage girls are wont to be, so don't roll your eyes if you see me gushing over a guy in a book I review! And don't worry, paranormal teen fiction isn't all I read.
Wow, that was quite a mouthful. I hope that readers of this blog (if there are any at all) find my reviews interesting and helpful in choosing new books to read, and also hope you guys have gotten to somewhat know me a little better! I don't want to be a shifty, elusive (Nabokov's words, aha!) anon.

And as a totally random closing remark, I present to you our nation's pride and joy. It had to be done.

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